“The Obama Nation – Dr. Jerome Corsi Ph.D – Barack Obama” (Raila Odinga – Kenya Church Massacre) With Video


Corsi on ‘Hannity & Colmes,’ Hannity radio
WND author discusses new book today, ‘The Obama Nation’


First Look at Controversial Obama Book


Defining Obama 24/7 — Conservatives try to make presidential race about Democratic nominee, painting him as unreliable


Rosettasister here:

I first heard the following story live on BBC radio long before I made the Obama – Odinga connection. And long before I’d ever heard of Larry Sinclair or Donald Young.

You can imagine my horror.

“Kenya church massacre”

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View the complaint from the Kenyan Government here:


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2 Responses to ““The Obama Nation – Dr. Jerome Corsi Ph.D – Barack Obama” (Raila Odinga – Kenya Church Massacre) With Video”

  1. George Says:

    GOOD it is gaining traction, if BHO and his obamadroids just ingored it it would of gone away. Personally I could care less if he is gay or bi or whatever but the lying about it is a problem. Who want to deal with a known liar what country would want to negotiate with or trust a known Liar?

  2. Leeballz Says:

    I saw that one. He was on Hannity’s show two nights in a row.

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