“OBAMA: The Forged COLB and a New Mystery”




“Once again the problem would have originated with Stanley Ann Dunham, not her children, but their methods of dealing with the little complications in their lives are maximally unacceptable.

Assuming that Techdude is right, we have a Forged Document. Publication of a forged document with intent to deceive is a crime. Forgery of an Official Document is a crime. Conspiracy and Misprision are crimes. We may also have prima facie evidence of crimes under INA 1952. Falsifying a BC is a crime. I am moderately sure that most of these things are impeachable for a member of the Senate. If the template document belongs to the Senator’s sister I do not see how he can claim convincingly that he was unaware of what happened, since she would be the only person who could have logically provided it.

Should the Document belong to somebody else, it is still a Forgery and there is still a conspiracy involved.

I can think of good reason for publishing a false COLB, as I have demonstrated, but if it is a Forgery we are looking at a crime, no matter the source of the original document.”

TexasDarlin’s Theory:

Now, Senator Obama faces a serious and urgent inquiry from Americans:

Why was his sister Maya’s birth certificate used to make his own?

I have a preliminary theory, and it goes something like this:

The Hawaii COLB form was revised in 2001. Prior to that, it included much more birth information, such as name of the hospital, signatures and professions of parents, etc.

If Obama needed to show his birth certificate to the public during the election, he wanted to present the current short version, but the one he had in a shoebox somewhere was an older version.

When it became clear in 2007 that he might need to show it, Maya’s COLB was ordered. Obama did not order his own because he didn’t want a chatty Hawaii Govt. employee to notice that the child’s name on his COLB is Barry Soetoro, and the father’s name, Lolo Soetoro. He did not want his legal name and Indonesian identity to be known.

If it got to the point that the campaign needed to show a birth certificate, as a last resort they would make a few digital adjustments to Maya’s in order to transform it into Barack Hussein Obama’s COLB, and post it on line. They trusted, in this event, that Govt. employees or officials would not bother to check it against his real name, or would just keep quiet if they did notice. Obama probably never expected the electorate to question its authenticity, at least not to this degree.

That’s my theory, anyway.

Techdude comments:

· techdude // August 6, 2008 at 3:27 am

Holy Poo! I disappear for a day and all heck breaks loose. Ok..real quickly…follow up with step by step by step is being worked on. Have you ever tried to explain something in terms everyone can understand about something you do all the time without normally having to think about it? I have to tell you it is NOT easy. I do find it odd that some people want it written with instructions for Photoshop specifically. How many people have a $700 graphic application sitting around? Besides I am not the world’s greatest communicator as you can already tell and finding a way to describe the process while still allowing for multiple applications and multiple people of differing skill sets using different types of operating systems and still be able to follow along is going to slow things down too.

But first before I get back to the guide I have decided to take a quick pause for the night to work on a public reply to Dr. Neil who has decided to accuse me of bad science, fraud, and cherry picking my findings – which are all things that Dr. Neil knows ALOT about – me knows he doth protest too much. I hate having to stoop to the same level as the arrogant quack but I think it is important for people to know all about the good doctor’s rather shady history and what other’s in various computer fields think about his flakey and often times fraudulently produced research before he just moves on to being another type of “expert”. All documented of course with links to news articles and industry mailing list postings that I am guessing Dr. Neil might have hoped all would have disappeared down the memory hole. I mean it is only fair since he wants to try and out me and claim I am not exactly what I say I am – might as well out his fraudulent race-baiting paranoid delusional ass since so many people have forgotten who Dr. Neil really is and once again remind the online world of all the lies and frauds that the good Dr. Neil has been cornered on )

After doing some quick research I am actually shocked anyone still takes him seriously anymore since it is all still available online. Hell even Hany Farid spanked his ass publicly for trying to pass yet another crock of crap to the media in one of Neil’s desperate bids for attention and others have asked that he simply ban himself from ever attempting to produce any more “research” ever again. Hey Neil, n3td3v and Gobbles say hello and they can not wait until your next presentation. Besides if Neil was really what he likes to pretend to be (depends on the day what he pretends to be) he would know more about me. It is ok Neil you can stop pretending soon and then you can just move on to another random subject area to try and make a name for yourself and hope no one spots your crap…yet again. )

Just give me a day to write it up and then you can get back to pretending you are an expert at something where no one knows you.

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  1. Leeballz Says:

    If this guy can break down the birth certificate, then surely someone in the government can. I have to think somewhere someone somehow would check on this.

  2. rosettasister Says:


    I found this at Power and Control.

    I’m beginning to wonder if we ever did have a free press in this country.

    Those who wield power control what you and I are privy to.

    “Judah Benjamin On Obama’s Birth Certificate”


    Judah Benjamin has some thoughts on the Obama birth certificate controversy.

    Remember that this is a unique situation in the History of the USA and only the Republicans have any relevant experience in this area. Until he is the Candidate the only place in which an objection could be lodged would be Illinois. Subsequent to his candidacy any State is open.

    It is not for me to verify facts about Senator Obama; it seems to have been made either difficult or impossible for me to do so. It is up to Senator Obama to verify the facts. He has not done so, he has not tried to do so, all that he has done is to create more doubt. And if you are supporting him you should demand that he does and not insult those who actually ask for answers to which every single citizen in the USA is entitled.

    This reminds me of the Form 180 controversy surrounding John Kerry. Obama like Kerry could put this question to rest by releasing the relevant documents. Obama has not done so. What has he got to hide?

  3. rosettasister Says:

    From TexasDarlin:

    • Judah Benjamin // August 6, 2008 at 5:19 pm

    Comment that should have been posted previously:

    I want to express my greatest thanks to M G whose own research has just shown yet another area in which the Obama Legend is false. I checked the Hawaiian Court Records as M G suggested and in those Records, exactly as MG said, are the papers for Stanley Ann’s Divorce from Lolo Soetoro.

    What those papers show is very interesting. Most sources give the impression that Stanley Ann Divorced Lolo Soetoro soon after Senator Obama returned to school in Hawaii in 1971. More detailed sources say they Divorced in 1980. What the Hawaiian Court Records show is that the Divorce proceedings BEGAN in 1980 and ended after the death of Lolo Soetoro in January 1987. Specifically, the case terminated on November 26th 1988.

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