“Obama: A Disaster Waiting to Happen, Legal Challenges Imminent?”


Obama’s House Of Cards

By Judah Benjamin, Guest Author



Is this what Bill Clinton meant when he said this would be an “interesting election”?

What happens if Challenges are issued in all 50 States and are found correct in, say 15, unjustified in 19, considered moot in 6 and unresolved in 10? The answer to that question is a Constitutional Crisis. A crisis of major proportions because his name would Legally have to be removed from the Ballot in 25 States and replaced by that of his VP Candidate. If nothing else it would become impossible for him to win an election. There are Amendments that seem designed partly to prevent this but I do not see how they could.

Even if challenges were issued in only one or two States, but were successful, the whole mess would have to go to the US Supreme Court. If it went before the Courts explain how it would be possible for him to remain a candidate, or if he did how the General Election could go ahead in November with him on the Ballot? Does anybody really believe he wouldn’t lose in at least two States? In most cases his name will simply be replaced on the Ballot by that of his VP Candidate and the Election will go ahead, but without him. It is an oddity of the system that he may not need to be Eligible to stand, but he must be in order ever to take Office.

Certainly if he were obliged to present proof establishing Eligibility beyond All Reasonable Doubt the evidence would tend to suggest very strongly that he could not do so. Certainly he has not done so to this point in time. Indeed, he has not even produced evidence that would establish HIS LEGAL NAME beyond all Reasonable Doubt, to date.

There are sufficient provable untruths in his public utterances and published writings to prove Reasonable Doubt would have to be entertained with regard to anything he has claimed about his background. Those untruths are there and they are Legally Verifiable beyond all Reasonable Doubt. I cannot see how he could hope to prove his Eligibility, in these terms, and there would seem to be reason to think that in some States he might be liable to Legal Sanction for his past claims.

Unless and until he proves all Reasonable Doubts baseless, Senator Obama should remove his name from contention. If he does not do so he risks promoting severe problems for the whole country, as well as for himself. It isn’t possible, given all that we do not know and all that he has not revealed, that he could pass the necessary Standard of Proof in all 50 States, and unless he did he unleashes the Deluge.

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