“New Birth-Certificate Report, Exclusive”




Polarik’s most recent work can be seen on his blog The Greater Evil. Polarik tells me that he’s taking a break from the COLB analysis to focus on other responsibilities, but that he will continue to contribute comments on the TD blog.

Take a look at THIS COMMENT Polarik just left a couple of hours ago:

I strongly believe that all of the text that was forged onto the COLB image was actually his original BC information.

Here’s why.

There is a paid-for, special ad space on GOOGLE, that reads the following in response to a query for Obama’s birth certificate:

“Obama Birth Certificate. BarackObama.com Obama is a US Citizen. See the original Birth Certificate.”

It depends upon how one interprets the last statement:

“See the original Birth Certificate.”

First off, if confronted with evidence that the image was forged, they will play dumb and claim that they were also duped by a forger, like everyone else, and who has no connection with Obama or his campaign.

How would you go about finding them at fault?

They may have thought this out ahead of time, in case they got caught on this, and devised a “deniable plausibility” scenario.

It would go, something like this:

“We received a call from someone claiming to work for Vital Records, saying that he can provide Obama with an IMAGE copy of his original birth certificate. All he has to do is fill out the form being faxing to you, sign it, and fax or mail it back.”

So Obama is handed the form and fill its out with his ORIGINAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE INFORMATION, which he has, or a copy of it, or just the info that he either recalls from a real certificate, or the info from his books.

BHO does just that. He provides the original information that was put on his original birth Certificate, the DOB, Stanley Ann Dunham’s name and race, and BHO Sr.’s name and race.

Then he sends it off to the forger who SENDS HIM AN IMAGE which he emails to the Obama campaign.

The Obama campaign then sends two copies off by email, one to the Daily Kos and one to FactCheck, but only later on.

Now, the plausible deniability statement is that,

“It sure looked like Obama’s original Certification of Live Birth. Janice Okubo also thought that it looked like an original COLB. I still think this a real COLB image. You’re saying that it could have been faked? But it has all of the original information. Why would anyone do that??”

Then comes the inevitable “Shocked expressions” from them.

I feel this in my bones because that’s the blanket reactions I’ve gotten from his totally blind supporters whose only reactions to all of the data that prove it to be a forgery is, “I still think that it is real. If it were fake, then Shillary would have been bitching about it, or the GOP would have.”


More obfuscation.

Then, if the forgery label sticks, then comes Plan B: throw the forger under the bus. Let him take the heat.

We cannot permit BHO to walk w/o making him reveal his current COLB.

Nothing less will do.

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  1. val sommerviile Says:

    As always …. Obama the victim…..



    Hillary Loyalist began a quiet journalistic investigation on a subject that is sure to ruffle a few feathers.

    It is an honest perspective from white America. You will discover that the primary was already predetermined, and that Obama will hand out trillions of dollars to the black community and much more. Read it at:


  2. rosettasister Says:

    Hi, val!

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Isn’t it ironic, and really a shame, that Obama’s candidacy has worsened race relations in our country?

    At least, that is my impression.

  3. rosettasister Says:

    TexasDarlin and Polarik weigh in.


    • • Polarik // August 2, 2008 at 8:24 pm

    To Mel :

    Does anyone know what kind of relationship BHO Sr. had with BHO Jr.’s grandparents?

    The question is this: “Who abandoned whom?”

    Stanley meets up with Lolo in Hawaii, and runs off with him to Indonesia, kid in tow.

    Visitation possibilities with his son becomes impossible, don’t you think?

    Little Barry is shipped back to Hawaii, pappy gets wind of it.

    Was Junior send back JUST to get him a better education?

    Something is missing here.

    • texasdarlin // August 2, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    In response to Rachel’s comment on the previous post:

    The quote from “Dreams:”

    “I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms…”

    No mention of surprise, unless he’s quoted someplace else as saying that.

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