Listen to Larry Sinclair – Decide for Yourself (Barack Obama – Donald Young)


“The Seekers – Sinner Man”

Sinclair’s site is incredibly popular


2, 129, 273 hits on Sinclair’s site (that was this morning)

You can’t even vote in the polls twice.

Statcounter logs unique visitors, returning visitors, first time visitors, etc.-and guess what those 2 million plus visitors are?

Sure, he’s kept a running total from the sites that the Obamablognuts have been able to shut down. So what? The bottom line is-the Obamablognuts are objecting to the fact that he’s still online!

Despite the fact that google only brings up the old wordpress blog that was deleted….people are typing in the actual address to get to his site.

I think one of the reasons why it’s so popular is people know there is no bull over there; unlike the MSM…

Question Mr. Plouffe, can the American Voter, as well as myself, take your campaign’s continued claim that you immediately respond to “smears,” as evidence that Barack Obama and Obama for America admits my statements as to Barack Obama in fact are not “smears,” but rather truthful claims the campaign simply does not want to have to acknowledge?

Because, as you state, ever so clearly, “But we will not let any attack stand,” contradicts the fact that I AM STILL STANDING AND SO ARE MY CLAIMS!

12th Sinclair Interview

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